Bring Out Your Dead

by Pesta

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Henrik Thøgersen
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Henrik Thøgersen Son of a Witch and these guys make doom metal the greatest Brazilian export article ever. Heavy as Hell \m/ Favorite track: Words of a Madman.
The Goon
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The Goon You can't always judge an album by its cover. Thought this was going to be much darker and heavier. It definitely has some doom elements but also a very old school metal sound. Do you like Goatsnake, Danzig and Iron Butterfly? If so, you'll probably dig this.
Sonny92 thumbnail
Sonny92 For their debut release Pesta have put together a superb hard rock-tinged doom album. The brazilians have got a great "fat" sound to their riffs and excellent vocalist Thiago Cruz utilizes an old-fashioned clean vocal delivery that we hear so rarely in modern metal music.
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## VINYL EDITION AVAILABLE ON: Black Farm Records ## blackfarmrecords bigcartel

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First full length album of Brazilian doom/stoner metal band Pesta, from Belo Horizonte/MG.


released January 20, 2016

Thiago Cruz – Vocals
Marcos Resende – Rhythm/Lead Guitars
Daniel Rocha – Rhythm Guitars
Anderson Vaca – Bass
Flávio Freitas – Drums


Released 01/19/2016
Recorded in 11/12/2015 at Engenho Studio
Produced, mixed and mastered by André Cabelo at Engenho Studio

All lyrics by Anderson Vaca
All music by Pesta

Artwork by José Luiz Campos Rocha
Pesta’s logo by Alexandre Golgher
Album cover: The plague of Florence in 1348, as described in Boccaccio's Decameron. Etching by Luigi Sabatelli (1772-1850).



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Pesta Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Doom / Stoner Metal band from Belo Horizonte

- Thiago Cruz (vocals)
- Anderson Vaca (bass; backing vocals)
- Daniel Rocha (guitar)
- Marcos Resende (guitar)
- Flávio Freitas (drums)
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Track Name: Black Death
A plague walked among us
As people fled in fear of their cities
But the disease remained, and soon death was everywhere

Men hated each other
Parents abandoned their sick children
Wives were dropped back, husbands were buried

Bodies were left abandoned at home
Because there was no one to make them a funeral

Several refused to leave
The house due to the dying
Friars and nuns were to take care of pacients

Monasteries and convents
Were soon deserted
They were also severely affected


Many wanted to confess his sins
Express his last wishes
Lived in fear, in their heads did not understand

But the houses of the dead remained open
With all their belongings, jewels and gold
With open arms, the Black Death was waiting

Track Name: Words of a Madman
I said I would not do
Who had stopped
They no longer listen to that voice
That he would not seek
For in the background
I know I cannot help myself

Words to the wind, lost in time
Felt with the weight bodies lying

They call me… they call me weak
No pride, will or estimates
But do not understand
Because this is not me
It comes from fear


The fear that lead us
Lead us to trust
Fedding my search for blood, my predator side
The blood that bathes in washes me
Set me free, take me as I am.

The fear that drive us
Lead us to trust
To be rational in the irrational
Creating false state of comfort
While still claiming lives…
Living without guilt

Track Name: The Butler Did It
Track Name: Intimate
It’s ending
Almost finished
Will thank you when you actually stop
At the end you
Can even enjoy it
‘Cause no more muscles spasms
While I understand a gaze, the brightness of your eyes goes out
While I understand a gaze, the brightness of your eyes goes out

You'll see me when you wake up in the morning
And even when you crawl into bed
What is the dirty and dark hole to find
No use to praying
Even when the eyes close, your head will not stop
To show the image of the face of the one who tries to forget

Wherever you go, wherever you appear… I’ll be there
In violation of her being, in a mixture of pain and pleasure

I’m going to haunt your life forever
Untill one day no longer
Endure the vicious cycle of anguish and despair
Of gun-toting, pull the trigger
In the blink of an eye, the darkness you will hug
Discovering tha the end will never come
Track Name: March of Death
From the moment that I opened the ditch
I found my purpose
Over time the repetition of the act was natural.
A dark part inside o’ me
Lead the control
It wasn’t me, but I was there
Watch it all with a kind of cold pleasure.

I said to myself:
“It need to get to use to it
Work with my own hands
And by the touch enjoy the moment
Taste… work… art”.
Find the definition or understand
The way that comfort you better
Like a craftsman giving shapes the work.

Treated like animals that waits the slaughter
They were not people… maybe cattle
Whatever! Doesn’t matter… They were nothing
Or just meat pieces (or just meat pieces)!
Track Name: The End is Near
Track Name: The 4th Horseman
And when he had opened the fourth seal
The prelude to the end of time
I heard the voice of an animal, saying: “Come and see!”
I looked and couldn’t believe in my eyes!

Behold a pale horse
And the knight who sat on it
Was called by Death - by those from hell who followed him

I looked and on a great earthquake
The sun became black and the moon became as blood
The stars of Heaven fell unto the earth
While bodies tumbled devoid of life
As torn leaves of your trees by a strong wind

He was given power to kill a quarter of the whole
With war, famine, pestilence, and with the beasts of the earth

And the Heaven departed as a scroll when closed
And every mountain and island was removed from this place
And kings, lords or chiefs of the earth
Large, rich, tribunes and powerful
And every servant and free man hid
- In the caves and in the rocks of the mountains

And the few who could hear… had no words
Those who saw did not see what was upon us – had no words
Hiding the face of him that seated on the throne of the Lord
Who claimed their part by right

Track Name: Possession
Said hearing voices
The angels whispering in the name of Lord
Started to understand and speak
Languages that was completely stranges
Even take by exhaustion
Both mental and physical
With an aggressive, violent…
Suicidal tendencies behavior

Despised any gesture or affection
Symbol or creed trim
With disfigured face…
His desire and will was pure evil
In the dead of night…
Screams and groans in between constant pitches
A figure falls, clinging to a hope…
With no aspect of humanity

Lonely in a world
Submerged in darkness and ignorance
… waiting for the same
Dark souls
Once already banned
Return to life

Invisible claws
Marks the body
Bathed in blood
Deep wounds
That shred to the soul